Underwater Photographer and Videographer

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Who could possibly understand the needs of Underwater Photographers better than Professional Underwater Photographers and Videographers themselves ???

In Gili Air Divers the team is made off passionated instructors that all had an experience working in underwater photography and videogrpahy companies.

Wide ? Macro ? Muck ? Extremely rare critters ?

You are looking for them! we know where they live…

Tired to get banged by inpatient divemasters, we have all the time you need…

The Gili Islands are a perfect destination for underwater photographers we can always provide a private guide so you have nothing to worry about except getting the perfect shot. When ever possible we provide longer dive times allowing you more time to get that perfect shot. Your private guide is trained to find the hidden and camouflaged creatures that make for amazing subjects.

You want to learn about underwater photography, why not take a course with us ?

The Underwater Digital Photography Course is a must...


You already have your underwater camera, bring it along , we might show you some tricks to take the best advantage of it.

You don't have camera, no problem rent it from us.

You are not a photographer but still want to keep a memory of your diving experiences around the Gilis, hire the services of one of our professional underwater photographer and go out diving for a special shootout session or get your own video to keep even more alive memories of your stay with us...

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