Mirko’s Reef gives divers the best of both worlds

Mirko’s Reef gives divers the best of both worlds

Some dive sites in the Gilis are filled to the gills with unique and abundant fish life. Some are covered in beautiful, healthy coral. And some combine the two, leaving divers feeling like they’ve been dropped into a marine documentary they saw once on television.
Mirko’s Reef is one of those sites. Located in the valley between Gili Meno and Gili Air (small, carless, beach-rimmed islands easily reached from Bali or Lombok), it ranges in depth from 14 to more than 30 meters, making it accessible for both Open Water and Advanced level divers. The coral is non-stop, coming in every type and colour. Some of the flat, circular table corals reach an incredible 2 meters in diameter, providing shelter to hundreds of colourful fish. Other corals help hide shy boxfish, barramundi or manta shrimps. Perhaps the best-hidden creature of all is the pygmy seahorse. Tiny and perfectly camouflaged in some of the deeper sea fans, they are almost impossible to spot without a trained guide.      
Moving to the side of the plateau, the site turns into rolling hills that are just as fully-covered with corals and sponges in all colours: deep purple, lime green, turquoise, orange, rose. A huge array of fish, moray eels, squids, nudibranches and much more make their home there. Down a couple more hills, schools of sweetlips, batfish and jacks all congregate when the current picks up. Often, a white-tip reef shark makes his way past nearby.


It’s no wonder Mirko’s Reef is a favourite for many customers at Gili Air Divers and Gili Meno Divers. Whichever island you choose to stay on, the dive clubs’ new boats and experienced staff can take you out to experience sites all around the three Gili islands. They always go out in small groups, visiting sites that are best for their customers’ experience level, the marine life they’re most interested in seeing, and the day’s conditions. Whether you are looking for the best coral, the most fish diversity or that perfect mix of both, the staff at Gili Air Divers and Gili Meno Divers can take you there.